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Two FM Pro 12 Calculation questions

Question asked by tnorling on Oct 2, 2012
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I have two calculation questions about a Sevice Ticket Database I have created.


1. In the database there are fields called "DateCreated", "DateClosed" and "Completion Time". I would like the Completion Time to calculate the amount of days between the two Created and Closed Dates. And also have the completion time remain blank if there is not a closed date inputed yet.


I found online one calculation that kind of works but has a strange number value in the fields if the date closed has not been provided.




Int((DateClosed - DateCreated)/7) * 5 + If(DayOfWeek(DateClosed) < DayOfWeek(DateCreated);

Min(5; DayOfWeek(DateClosed) - 1) + Max(0; 6-DayOfWeek(DateCreated));

If(DayOfWeek(DateCreated) < 7; Min(6;DayOfWeek(DateClosed)) -

DayOfWeek(DateCreated); 0)) + 1







2. Based on the answer for "Completion Time" I want the "SLA Time Met" Field to say "Yes" or "No" and the Text to be Green (Yes) and Red (No). Below is what I have so far.





Case(Completion Time <= 4;"Yes";"No")




Thank you for your help!