What data type are you?

Discussion created by vince.menanno on Oct 2, 2012
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I think it would be helpful to have a native built in function to determine what a value you are working with is. Or at least what FileMaker thinks it is.


In the FileMaker DNA values are often considered at text unless you specify otherwise.


In some recent work we were using ExecuteSQL to get the sum of some number field. And a fairly complicated multi predicate set of search options. Scratching our heads for some time as to why we were not getting the anwers we were expecting. Only to find that it was returning .5 and we had a Case statement say somethign like Case ( result > 0; result; 0 ). We were looking to get .5 but .5 if FileMaker is treating that as TEXT in this opreration it woudl return 0 becase ".5" as TEXT is not greater than "0".


So if there was some way that we could doulbe check what FileMaker is interpreting the value as that would be super.


Maybe something like DataType ( value )