FileMaker - Interface Language Refactoring

Discussion created by sheldon on Oct 2, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2012 by AppNomad

Like any other major and complex software product, FileMaker has gone through numerous changes and updates.


One thing that seems to persist, and which I still find counter-intuitive after 20 years of use (yikes!), are the double-negative checkboxes - those which will suppress functionality or override expected results by not doing something. They face the user with a choice to say "yes" to mean "no."


Two examples would be:


[ ] Don't Display in Open File Dialog


... instead of ...


[X] Display in Open File Dlalog


- and -


[ ] Do Not Evaluate If All Referenced Fields Are Empty


... instead of ...


[X] Always Evaluate


Are there any processes in place in UX or Development to try and resolve these long-standing interface and linguistic inconsistencies that can be confusing for experienced and novice users alike?