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    Scroll Bars


      Hi folks,

      I have been working on an Inventory layout, in the "Orders" and "Invoices" layouts I have a portal for "orderlines" & "invoicelines" each with a pop-up menu for the "itemID", even with a relativley small number of inventory items, around 150, it it painfully slow to scroll the list in the pop-up.


      Is there a better way to achieve this? a scroll bar would be good but it seems I cannot add a scroll bar in portal....



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          Have you tried a drop-down list?


          The other option would be to launch a separate window in list view. This would allow the user to click the option he wanted, then you can store the selected ID in the field.



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            A little confused here. You want to put a scroll bar in a portal or in a field object with a pop up menu control?


            Regardless, 150 is too many items. You can allow a user to select an item in a variety of ways. Mike's way of a new window is good.

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              Hi Mike

              As I'm very much a novice with Filemaker can you expand on how to open a separate window and carry the selected ID back to the original field please?



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                Hi David

                Scoll bar in the pop-up list of a field control.


                As to the number of items, an Inventory/Stock Control solution is likely to need lots more than 150 items to be of any use surely?




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                  Or a filtered portal off to the side (or on another tab panel?) for selection. This is my solution for a client that didn't want windows-run-amuck. If the user is ON a layout and searches (filters) the picklist portal, then selects from the list - the necessary value(s) can be pushed where needed. Select a product? Push it to a new line item on an order. No new windows spawned, just navigation in a tab panel.


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                  Beverly Voth


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                    Create a layout, using List View. The layout should be based on the table where your value list is based (like, say, Inventory). Make each record show the same information you have in your drop-down / pop-up (or, preferably, just the name of the item; hide the ID because the user doesn't need to see it anyway).


                    Write a script that will create the new window, navigate to the list layout, and display the records. Simplified version:


                    New Window [ {appropriate window name} ]

                    Go to Layout [ List View ]

                    Show All Records

                    Sort [ {appropriate sort order} ]

                    Adjust Window [ {appropriate size / position} ]


                    Then, you'll need to write a script that will capture the ID in a variable, return you to the original screen, and insert the ID into the correct record. Basics:


                    Set Variable [ $$id ; Table::ID_Field ]

                    Close Window [ {name of window} ]

                    Set Field [ Related Table::Target Field ; $$id ]


                    Set your fields in the list view layout as buttons that execute this script.


                    This is just a skeleton. You'll need to watch out for a few things:


                    1) If your related field is in a portal, you might want to capture the appropriate portal row in a variable and then scroll through the portal rows until you get to the right one (in case something has changed in between).


                    2) You might want to consider setting the new window to Floating or Modal mode to restrict what the user can do until he responds to it.


                    3) Make sure you include error trapping so that, if the record has no ID (for example), you catch it.





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                      Thanks Mike,

                      I'll give that a try....


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                        Hi Beverly

                        Sounds good, but a way above my current skill level

                        Do you know of any tutorials about how to do that perchance?



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                          Basically the same method as Mike's example, except a tab panel with the portal for the picklist, instead of a new window with a list view. Do you know how to put a portal on a layout? do you know how to put a tab panel on a layout?



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                            But a good alternative.

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                              Why don't you make it a regular listing of the ITEMS (the members of the many table). Make them the focus of the layout. You'll have to search for the records you want to show, but you can still use the same relationship to view the 'one' record of the parent table.



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                                Hi Mike,


                                When I used the pop-up menu it got its values from a value list named "allitems" this was set up to use values from first field (ItemID) and to display values from second field (Name), showing only values from send field.


                                When an item was selected from the pop-up the "Name" was displayed in the "::ItemID" field which is much better than displaying the "ItemID" which is a bit cryptic.


                                When I do this the way you suggest (and also if I use a drop-down list) it is the "ItemID which is displayed, can I make the "Name" be displayed whilst storing the "ItemID" value?


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                                  Change the field that's displayed to "::Name". The ID field doesn't have to be on the layout for Set Field to be able to access it.



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                                    Change the layout to remove the ItemID field and replace it with the Name field. The ItemID field doesn't need to be on the layout to set the value, so you can use the Name field in its place.

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