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    Instant Webpublishing modernized


      Since we probably have no chance for a cheaper networkable desktop client for FM, a modernized IWP function would be very much appreciated.


      Today IWP looks antique - we can´t use the new FMP 12 themes and most of modern HTML possibilities of layout and functional design are not existent.


      Even worse many functions of FM don´t work like preview mode / printing, import and export etc.


      This way you can never build a serious IWP based solution for a personal cloud system.

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          I'm sure that filemaker wouldn't have invested all the time in making an interface for FM12 that has huge overtones of up-to-date web styles, without having a path for eventually updating ALL of the features of the filemaker line.


          I'm sure something is on it's way. In the meantime if you have to have a virtual app that mimics filemaker pro, why not just use a virtual filemaker pro client. I know worldcloud offers them: http://www.worldcloud.com/hosting/Virtual-clients.php


          Also, have you thought about using compiled executables? Or are you married to the need to have a cloud-distributed system?