Selling custom solutions to non FMP clients, is FMP right for a SW start up?

Discussion created by GiancarloMeak on Oct 3, 2012
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It's difficult to sell my solution using FMP platform.


Problem 1

If I want to let my potential client to try the software I need to install the demo version of FMP

- every time that the demo version is opened is prompting the client to take action to go to see other solutions and how easy it is to do things by themselves using starter solutions

- filemaker pro can be a simple tool to use but actually we are selling software based on years of experience and work.

- this cause also lose of sales for FMP.

Solution to Problem 1

- When selling custom solution we should have the possibility to install a demo version without the dialog who tell the client to look for other solutions and that FMP it's very easy to use.


Problem 2

- when selling a custom solution, often the price for the client to purchase FMP + the solution is to high

- that as been solved by FMP with the FBA Software Bundle Agreement, but to access FBA you need to have one year of history that is not possible for a start up

- this days, start ups are very interesting for big IT companies (I can mention Amazon, Google, Microsoft), I've been invited from Microsoft at an event for start ups and they are giving for free at qualified start-ups all their technologies (including DB, servers, storage...) for three years.

- Filemaker seem to be not interested at start ups.


During the selling process with non filemaker clients of a custom solution, having to talk in deep of FMP technology, add a level of complexity because many IT managers prefer to use other solutions that they know. And asking the client to sign a AVLA contract with FMP it's again another thing to explain, that causes loses of time and of possible mutual clients.


Solution to Problem 2

I think that you should consider of eliminating the rule that you have to be at least one year on business to join FBA, you may give the opportunity (at least) to a certified developer to join FBA (maybe you may add a silver level, not being listed on your website for marketing for the first year) but giving the possibility to access to the Software Bundle Agreement and all the other advantages of other FBA members.

You may consider some sort of agreement for helping who is trying to use FMP technology to develop custom applications and new clients.


Problem 3

- If a developer want to let potential clients try the software with the runtime, unfortunately also with FMP 12 it's not possible to generate PDFs that is a crucial feature of FMP and, this days, almost every software is PDF enabled.

Solution to Problem 3

- enabling PDF feature on runtime (like on iOS)


I have invested on Filemaker Pro a huge amount of time in the past 20 years and I think that is an excellent platform for producing and selling custom software solutions, the free Filemaker go it's an interesting step toward the future, I'd like to see something more in the direction of small business start-ups.


I attach to the screen of FMP Demo ;-)