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    Web Publishing - Making it Faster


      The core web engine is slow. When building web solutions on top of FileMaker we often have two primary options – use the XML API or use a SQL database and synchronize or ESS to get the data into FileMaker. Although it would be much simpler to use the XML API directly we find the speed difference is too high of a price to pay and often times using a SQL database is somewhere on the order of 25X faster, or more.

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          Surely having something better than IWP would be even more useful.

          We have lost two quite large jobs this year because to support Android requires a second development stream (or start somewhere else) so even a proper web client might be able to bypass all of those issues.

          So speed is a big thing but also so is functionality

          Being able to run scripts and plugins server side from both IWP and Go would open massive great areas of the market currently unavailable, and it it it was nearer in construction to Go then that woudl simplify the development stream too

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            Vince, is this with FileMaker Server 11 or 12? In my experience, XML web publishing with FMS 12 is pretty darn fast (around 20 milliseconds for typical small queries of about 20 records). MySQL in comparison is around 12 milliseconds. FMS isn't quite at MySQL speed yet, but it's close enough for must usage.

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              Its FM 12 - Alex pulled almost 2000 records of data. And performance was measured in seconds. I'll double check with him on this but Alex is a pretty sharp guy. So not sure if it just comes down to lots of data that we are pulling. We'll see.