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    FMS : Server side instant on script debugger


      Server side processing needs many improvments (se previous post), it also needs a server side debugger, for at leat two reason :


      - Because it's hard to debug script for server side processing while on the client

      - Because this can help usp manage server ressources : to be able to pause a cpu eating server side script, and take a peak at what's going on.


      I imagine the interface as this :


      A contextual menu on the user representing the server side script, would open our beloved script debugger window, with data viewer.


      The beauty of that menu, would be that we wouldn't need to specify the script to run in debug mode before, just using that contextual menu command on any server side script running, would display the debugger. So that way it will server more purpose than just debuging, it will help optimizing and pause / kill rampage script.


      Of course if, on regular user, the command would change to a more info comand displaying for instance the founcount number, the curent layot, and the current script running if any (at the time of the contextula clic), it would be marvelous.