API and the result set

Discussion created by dloughlin on Oct 3, 2012
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In the application I've been buiding(Using FMServer 12 advanced, and the API, I allow users to create excel spreadsheets (using phpexcel). They can select fields they want to perform the find on, and enter a find value. They can also select the fields they want to use as the columns on the spreadsheet. This all works fine, until the result object gets too big, and it fails(usually a blank screen). Because of the number of columns they can choose from, the layout used has a lot of fields, which I'm sure is the biggest contributor to the problem. Other than reducing the number of fields on the layout (which I will probably do anyway), I'm trying to better understand the problem. Is there any setting in php.ini or in the API, or in the IIS, that controls the maximum size of a result object? Unless I'm missing something, I see no way to dynamically control which fields are on the layout? Does the field types have a significant impact on the size of the result object(ie; a text field presumably takes more space that a number). If a text field is empty I assume it takes up less or no space in th result object?

A lot of questions I know, but just trying to better understand my problem.

Any light shed would be appreciated.


Dennis Loughlin