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    web Calendar of Events


      Anyone have any recommendations, pointers or suggestions about templates, applications, and/or (other) ways in which FileMaker Pro can be used to build a web-based Calendar of Events, please?


      Not appointments. Not schedules.


      But public events - talks, lectrures, continuing exhibitions etc - as displayed on this site?


      Ticketed events, non-ticketed, non-profit, regular and repeated tours and so on…



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          SeedCode has great calendars that you can connect to a Google calendar.  You could control everything from FM and it would instantly update the Google calendar displayed on your website.  Plus, people could "subscribe" to your events calendar and have everything update on their phone (for example) whenever you make a change.


          Not really sure if this is what you're looking for, so I'm just taking a shot in the dark here.  SeedCode does offer a free calendar, and since you won't need to personalize it in any way because only you will see it, this would help keep costs down. 


          We use SeedCode's calendars here and I can personally attest that their software is top-notch.  We don't use their Zulu product (at least not yet) but from what I've read it's easy to implement.


          Here are some links if you want more info:






          And no, I don't work for SeedCode. :-)



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            Our Trainer.crm product (FileMaker based) is aimed at companies that run training courses and publishing their calendar of courses on the web is one of the features of the system.  Details on the rest of the functionality can be found here:



            If you don't need the full functionality of Trainer.crm, we may be able to help set something up for you.  Let me know if we can help.


            Best regards


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              Thanks. Have emailed you!

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                Thanks. We looked at SEEDCode.


                Couldn't see how to make it handle recurring and irregularly occuring events such as those at http://www.getty.edu/visit/calendar/days/10032012.html

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                  Please take a look at our product, soSIMPLE Calendar. It's designed to publish events to the web, and to a web viewer. For your purposes, it would probably only take a few minutes to set up - map the fields and click "deploy on the web".


                  Please let me know if I can answer any questions about it. You can also try a live demo on our web site.



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                    Thanks. Am investigating. Would it, though, handle the complexisty - with multiple 'Editors' (admin) of the caledar we currently display… grid view, irregular date sequences etc?

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                      What exactly do you mean by "irregular date sequences" and "irregularly occurring" events?  They have to have a pattern for any software to automate.  If you can draw it out on paper it can be scripted and automated... but it still has to have some type of "pattern" or else there's no way for software to "calculate" the next entry.  If it's truly random, then you have to have a human enter the data. 


                      On the calendar we use in our office we've scripted so many different possibilities for repeating events that I can't think of any instance we've missed, short of a truly random (read: unpredictable) reoccurring event.


                      I looked at the link you provided.  Can you direct me to something you consider "irregulary occuring" on there and also explain what you need it to do (i.e. every third Thursday, every 38th day, business day, etc, etc.).





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                        Forgot to add that we chose SeedCode because we could customize it for exactly what we want.  We use it as a "group" calendar for our entire office because we have to be able to easily and quickly add/edit anyone else's appointments.  There aren't any good "group" calendar programs for Mac (don't even get me started on shared Outlook calendars).  Simple filters allow the user to easily see exactly what they need (either by person or by type of event, etc.)

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                          Why assume it has to be automatable? Lots of things have irregular schedules, as in the example site provided.


                          I think perhaps the "automatable" problem is - WHAT are we automating?


                          What kind of event description language can be parsed to fill a calendar?

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                            "...make it handle recurring and irregularly occuring events..."


                            Recurring events are automated... otherwise you'd have to type them all in by hand. 

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                              I don't think that's the issue. And yes, you may have to type many of them in by hand. What exactly is the schema that can handle this though?

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                                I guess I misunderstood the OP's requests.  Why include FM at all in the process if you have to type everything by hand?  Google calendars are free and can be added to any website.  Just hand type it all in Google — why add a FM as a middleman?


                                Is this one of the cases where we're forcing FM into the process because they already have the software and feel ilke it needs to be used?  I guess I got stuck in the "recurring event" line of thinking with my responses.

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                                  Ours is a large arts non-profit. Exhebitions can run over 'odd' periods - such as every day of the week (all 7) from September to November. Then weekdays only (the 5, Mon - Fri) for the first two weeks of November. Thereafter a break until December 1. At that point every other week only. And from January the hours of the day change.


                                  I exaggerate to make the point.


                                  Some guided tours, for example, are M, T, TH, Fr, S. Others might be T, W, Th only one week and M, Fr, Sat, Sun. the next.




                                  Thanks :-)


                                  > What exactly do you mean by "irregular date sequences" and "irregularly occurring" events?