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    Missing Email Attachments


      In the last two weeks I have been experiencing a problem where emails being sent out with attachments and the attachments are not available to the recipients. The system has been running for two years with no problems, and it's only about 30% of the recipients who no longer receive the PDF attachments. Does anybody have any ideas what the problem could now be ?

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          Are the recipients internal or external?


          Is it possible that settings on the email server have changed and are not allowing attachments of a certain type or size?

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            All recipients are external, private individuals. If I send the PDF file directly to that person using my other private email address there are no problems, only if it goes via FMGO. The system has worked for two years without a hitch.

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              We have seen this for some time now (school sending email to students with progress form attached).  In order to send a PDF as an attachment I assume you are creating the PDF in a "folder" on the iPad.  We used the Get (TemporaryPath) folder.  When an attachment would not go with the email (maybe 1% of the time), we found that the system had created the PDF in some other folder so when you opened FMGO, you would see the PDF showing in the files list.  To minimize this (it still happens but less frequently and apperars to be an iOS problem) we put a pause of 3 seconds between the Save As PDF and Send Mail script steps.

              Good luck, Mark

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                FMGO is the creator of the PDF file within the same script that sends the emails. I do use the procedure as you have mentioned. All the emails I am sending have the same PDF file attached and also if I look in the sent folder, the email has the attachment. I'm pulling my hair out over this one !