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Pop-up Menus can show additional incorrect data

Question asked by AlanStirling on Oct 3, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2012 by DavidJondreau

Since 2004, when FileMaker Pro 7 was released, we have been given the facility to display data from just the second column in a 'Pop-Up' menu.  However, in making this change the way in which a normal two column Pop-up menu works has been compromised.


If the data in the first column of the pop-up is of different widths, the field on the layout that shows this data has to be extended, so as to be able to display the widest entry. When the developer extends the field in this way, particulary if the first column entry is very short, data from the second column slides across from the right and shows in the field of the first column. This does not affect 'Drop-Down' menus.


This may seem mundain, but the result is that data in the first field has the start of data in the second column concatenated onto it.  This means that the data in the first field appears corrupted becuse it is showing some data from the second column, and that is NOT what is stored in the first field.


For example, if the data in the first field is a short part number (ABC), then the result displayed includes the start of the second column, which might be a description (ABC Torque W..).


For a database system to show inaccurate data is inadmissable, but to ignore this problem for nearly ten years is inexcusable.


Please be assured that versions of FileMaker Pro up to and including version 6.0 handled this issue properly, without showing any details from the second column, but every versions since then has suffered from this problem.  I have mentioned this problem previously, but my requests have been ignored.