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Java Updates from Oracle - Are our problems with FMS now over?

Question asked by AlanStirling on Oct 3, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2012 by Lemmtech

I have suffered recently from installing a rogue Java update on one of my FileMaker Server 11 systems.  It was a live event, linked to iPads and I decided to run software update on my FM server the night before. I was thinking 'This can't happen again' - but it did!  Next day the Admin Console refused to open and my client lost the contract for any further work with his customer and I was very embarassed.


Now, please tell me where I would have been able to read a warning about which versions of Java are reliable and which are not. Is it up to each of us individually to test out each version of Java on a development server to find out if it works?


My real question is, knowing that the supplier of the Java updates for Macintosh is about to change, can we expect this situation to improve?


Because at present - it is a disaster - and has been for the last five years.