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Screen Real Estate - It's Not Unlimited Nowadays

Question asked by AlanStirling on Oct 3, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2012 by gdurniak

I've been a FileMaker Developer for over 20 years and with each version, the screen clutter for the developer increases.  So each year I would buy the latest MacBook Pro, with the largest screen resolution so as to avoid having to move modal diagolue boxes around the screen so as to see what was actually happening to my database.


It has now become a much bigger issue, with the demise of the 17" MacBook Pro.  I have a 15" MacBook Pro retina display and wherever I position the developers tools, they mask an important part of the screen of the system that I'm trying to develop.


There appears to have been little effort to optimise the size and shape of these tools, particularly the Script Debugger window and the Data Viewer.  The three panes of the Inspector go some way to help, but the Inspector shows only in Layout mode, whilst the Debugger is used in every mode except Layout mode - perhaps they could be combined?  What about a fourth pane in the inspector that switches to the Script Debugger when not in Layout Mode.


I'm sorry to bring up the Relationship Graph, but although it switches between Tables, Fields and Relationships, these three windows have differening needs.  We need the Relationship Graph to be as big as possible, but we don't need the Table and Fields windows to be as large - they could be less than half the size of the window for the Relationship Graph.  This is a design mismatch. Perhaps these three functions should be separated, so the Relationship Graph can display in its own window set at a different size to the other two.


I believe that a careful review of the way that this program is used by developers could reveal some obvious changes that would improve the interface for the developer - this needs to happen.