Much needed feature : Customizable, hierarchical contextual menus

Discussion created by Vincent_L on Oct 3, 2012

Nowadays contextuals menus are a big part of the gui of lots of program. Because they're very usefull.


I'd really wich we could attach a contextual menu (several different ones) on each Filemaker layout objects.


Those contextual menu would list scripts, arranged in hierarchical folders, and would be able to get the attached object attribute passed to it (or maybe it would just work like buttons)


That way we could do some amazing things like :


- Copying the value of a field you can't enter in browse mode (on right clic on it, and we would have the value put to teh clipboard). That's unfuriating for users not to be able to copy a displayed value

- Run scripts that pertains to the particular items :


Let's take a list view example, where one of its columns would be the prices, onather one the sku


we could have a contextual menu on the price field that would allow us to sort ascending or descending, a round price command, a change price to 10% more or less etc.

On the sku colum, the contextual menu woul allow to sort asc or dsc, copy the sku to the clipboard etc.


Today I've to use the script menu, but since there's many columns with many different scripts to each of them, it's very difficult to trigger the good script. And it's not contextual.


Some pluging exists bu they kind of suck.


P.S : Yes I may not apply to go, or maybe a long touch could. But that's super usefull on desktop and give Filmaker Apps a much more professionnal GUI