Missing Functions

Discussion created by Vincent_L on Oct 3, 2012
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Here's some new function we're sorely missing and which would allow cleaner code, offer new possibilities, and maybe be faster.


- a Get(ActiveStatus) function that returns true if the record is the active/selected one. That will allow current line highlighting via a conditional formatting in list view for instance (one that works, fast and realiable, there's plenty of workarounds, but they're slow because they need some slow and unreliable tricks to know if the a record is the active one.


- Get script call stack (like the script calling stack you see in script debugger). It would return the script file, name, and parameter of the previous scripts as a value list. Empty is returned if no script called this one. Very usefull to know if the running script was called or not, which scrip called it.Etc, very usefful for logging, and error toubleshooting


- a Get clipboard content This will retrieve the content of the cliboard, text if text field, container if container field


- Native, unlimited, ultra-fast equivalent of the GetNthRecordSet ( fieldName ; recordNumStart ; recordNumEnd ) custom value. Yes there's EsxecuteSQL, but unfortunately it's much slower !


- Get last exported file filepath / last imported file filepath. Run after a import or exports  records/fields that ask the user to choose the file/folders (no specified files), they'd get the file's filepath of the file/folder choosed by the user.


- Get(RecordOpenCount) that works : that gets all the uncommitted records (list of their record_id) of the hosted database by all users. Very usefull to avoid issues due to locked records when importing, replacing etc.


- List without duplicate values (a value list replacement). Ok now the ExecuteSQL can do it, but Execute SQL is unfortunately slower than nativ Filemaker functions.