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    Value Lists


      Value Lists are very frustrating

      We shoud be able to :


      - Specify a value list custom values according to a calc field


      - Being able to resort both left and right part of the value list by a custom order list of values set by a calc, like the custom sort order in the srt script step


      - Selecting to only display the second fields shouldn't force us to sort by the second field, we should stil be able to sort by the first field


      - The sort order should set by calc for asc or desc, or for custom sort order.


      - The sort order should also allow to respect the sort order of the relationship the value list is eventually based on. Right now the value list sort order is always alpahabetical and doesn't take in account the sort order of the corresponding relationship

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          Can you give a concrete example of what other sort order you think and what result it would return?

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            I meant custom sort order for instance days







            But my main need would be for isntance to display a pop-up menu, with sku ordered by availability rather than alphabitcally. Or a user defined custom order.

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              I agree Vincent.   Filemaker has matured wonderfully but Value List options and dialog boxes haven't seen many improvements.   Value lists should offer add'l sort options when using table data. 


              I'd like to see these two options in addition ot the calculation you cited.


              Use relationship sort

              Sort by field (ability to select any other field from that same table with [Asc/Desc options] )