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UNION_JOIN equivalent?

Question asked by pascar_1973 on Oct 4, 2012

Hello everybody,


I am stuck on an apparently trivial issue...

This the data structure:


Basically, I am to create a point_of_sale simple GUI. I have to JOIN the POS_SALE_LINE table with ITEM_ODBC_IMPORT table.

The shop assistant, using a bar code scanner, will EITHER scan the internal company's barcode (not an EAN or any ISO standard, simply the conversion of a textline into a barcode) OR the international EAN13 code onto the product.


PROBLEM_1: the products not always have an EAN13. Therefor there are ITEM_COD without any EAN

PROBLEM_2: sometimes the products have more than one EAN13 associated. Therefor there are more EAN for each ITEM_COD

PROBLEM_3: how to enable the shop assistant to pick the right line with one single scanning? Either on the internal code OR on the EAN13 when available.


Ideally, how to make a field that will get the text string from the bar code scanner, and will thereafter JOIN_UNION of EAN (any available for the each ITEM_COD) or ITEM_COD.


Any help is much appreciated!