Printing labels

Discussion created by user12479 on Oct 4, 2012

This is pretty minor - but annoying.

Invariably, setting up label layouts is filled with endless minor adjustments to get the printing correct

from the top of the page to the last label on the page.


Either ---


1. add every single Avery label to the pre-defined list of formats so that you FileMaker guys

have figured it out and we know that it works OK


2. change the way label layout setup works.  There always seems to be a mismatch between

specifying the height & width & gutter and somehow the printer margins have an influence

so that the h x w x gutter just do not matter.  I end up tweaking the label size to accommodate

the header, footer and printer margins.


3. teach me the magic of label layouts and hire me to do #1 for FileMaker