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Saving Data and Files (container field) in a specific folder

Question asked by jumpj on Oct 5, 2012
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This is my first post in this forum and comes from building my first db in Filemaker 12.


We process files uploaded to our server by our clients(users). In our old database program, the file links are downloaded to us and then we are able to click the links to access the files (.pdf documents) and save them in a folder. The name of the folder is designated by the UID, year, month, and client identifier. Each record is accorded it's own file on our local office server and saved. This is necessary because of the processing we do to the file that is downloaded to us from the client over the web.


In building our filemaker DB, we have had great success with the container fields and the creation of a data field that denotes the name of the folder where the documents should be stored.


In essence, data field 'Folder Location' = Drive:Main Folder 'Year'Sub Folder 'Month'

The data field 'Client Folder' = 'UID + ClientName'

Container Field 'Doc1' = downloaded .pdf document from the web server or 'doc.pdf'.


I've been able to set the container fields to automatically get the documents and save them into the container fields. But I need to keep them as a 'reference only' so as not to bog down the size of the db. I want to create a script that says 'Save 'Doc 1' contents to a folder name 'Client Folder' and save that folderin a folder location designated by the Folder field.'


Create Folder in the directory denoted as 'Folder Location'

Name the folder 'Client Folder'

Save Contents of Doc 1 field in the 'Client Folder'


I have not been able to accomplish this and it is frustrating. Most of the things I have been trying to do with the database have been easily accomplished with a little trial and error. Not here. We have outgrown our old db and Filemaker seems like a match made in heaven. But I've hit a wall on making this happen.


Any advice on how to write this script would be most appreciated. This is a great product and I am truly impressed with it. I think it will take us to the next level in our business.