FMS : Slow queries

Discussion created by Vincent_L on Oct 4, 2012
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on MySQL you can turn on logging of slow queries, that means logs arre off for performance reason, but will log when queries took too much time, let's say 5 seconds.


On FMS we should have the same thing. But what's a FMP query ?


- It's related value fetching

- go to related records

- perform finds / constraint / extend

- sorts


FMS would only log those if there excecution time is too much (user settable, by categorie, on a sort we can get more forgiving that just to fetch a related value) . It would logg for each the user, the datetime, the layout from, the realtionship or the search or sort criterias.


The dev would then read this slow qury logg and would try to optimize them. This would greatly help to deliver users better performing solutions.