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    FMS : Slow queries




      on MySQL you can turn on logging of slow queries, that means logs arre off for performance reason, but will log when queries took too much time, let's say 5 seconds.


      On FMS we should have the same thing. But what's a FMP query ?


      - It's related value fetching

      - go to related records

      - perform finds / constraint / extend

      - sorts


      FMS would only log those if there excecution time is too much (user settable, by categorie, on a sort we can get more forgiving that just to fetch a related value) . It would logg for each the user, the datetime, the layout from, the realtionship or the search or sort criterias.


      The dev would then read this slow qury logg and would try to optimize them. This would greatly help to deliver users better performing solutions.

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          In many ways, FileMaker's target audience are not those that want to get into fine tuning at a low level.  Developers like myself always see these types of SQL tools and would love them to be in FileMaker too.  But if they ever make it to FileMaker, it will be from a 3rd party plugin and not FileMaker because FileMaker is trying to control the experience and keep the developers from having to look at things at such a low level.  That is because FileMaker's focus is on FileMaker being a rapid application development tool and not a program level coding tool.  Of course I would like to have both, leave it simple for rapid application development, but powerful enough to let me dig deeper if I want.  Obviously FileMaker will never please anyone, but it is apparent that they are trying to minimize the under the hood knowledge that is needed by a developer and they keep developers from those details even if you want them. 


          Fortuntely FileMaker has allowed 3rd party plugins and other companies can provide some tools that FileMaker is not going to focus on.  Beezwax's InspectorPro can help you debug FileMaker solutions as can.  BaseElements is a good analytical tool.  So is FMDIFF.  Many of these are based on the FileMaker Pro Advance's Database Design Reports (DDR) that are quite useful in themselves.  Have you ever created a DDR to analyze your database?

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            I'm talking about Filemaker Server, it's up to the server to offer some performances related tool. And slow queries is an important tool that no third party can mimic. Slow queries allow you to pinpoint queries that where perfectly fine at coding time because the data set was moderate, and those same queries can get support slow if data set grows. So it's not a problem you can always think off when you're coding the solution, ven more when they may be a conjuction of queries one that locks the other etc. So your third party tols do not apply, not the DDR, nor the excellent base elmeents and inspectors which I know by heart and use daily.


            The typical target audience don't mess up with server, yet the server exist, no audience can figure out the current server stats. My slow queries would be much more simpler than this. And much more usefull.


            And about the target audience thing : I'm the target audience, I was that guy who used excel, never made any macro, and went to Filemaker to deal with 1000 products. Now, 12 years later I'm running my solution which power the whole company. Now I'm hitting a complexity wall, whre filemaker stops being productive due to lack of performance and some much needed tool.


            So the question is this : does FM Inc want to lure newbies, having them using the FMP plattform for a few yesra, and see them going away from the platform because FMP can't grow as their customers grows or do FM Inc wants to keep it's customer productive an follow their groth.


            I'm hoping for the later, especially since the bigger the solution gets the more money FM Inc gets.

            The Filemaker world is full of solution that grew for 12 / 15 /18 years.  So FMP has to grow with them.


            And no, I'm not trying to make filemaker a google replacement, just an effecient knwoledge mining too taht keeps with its users needs.


            Oh and by the way : no newbie will see that slow queries things. So it won't fether at all the ease of use.  But it would be there when he'd need it, and that day, that ex-newbie will think, god FM is good !

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              I see where you're coming from, but know the direction FileMaker is going and it will not be what you are asking for.  But there is hope with 3rd party development companies.  FileMaker does provide DDRs and a Statistical analysis page in the Admin Console, which is not easy to understand.  I remember in 11 and before we were trying to adjust the memory to keep the cache between 95 and 99%, but I think that all changed with the new 64 bit server.  So I don't know much about using the statistics in the admin console for optimizing the server.  It only gives an overall picture and not an individual users stats.  Have you tried FMBench from 24U?