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Here's what I'm trying to track:

Each Matter can have multiple Clients (frankly, each client can have multiple matters, but that's not relevant here).

Within each Matter, each Client can see multiple Doctors.

For each Doctor seen, there will be multiple Visits by that client.


Setting up the Clients portal with the Matter won't be a problem and has been done with just a picker to add.


The design decisions next flow from how the Doctors and Visits are then handles.


Should the Doctors be in a one-to-many relationship with the Client or with the Matter? I'm trying to display everything on one dashboard, so was have so far tied them to the Matter (in the database, there table contains a foreign key for the MatterID, ClientID, and DoctorInfoID). I think this is workable, but when entering the Doctor the user has to also enter the Client. This seems a bit awkward as ideally I would set up the selection of the Client, then selecting him/her would then allow me to add Doctors in another portal, and finally selecting a Doctor would allow me to enter visits in another portal.


Any suggestions would be appreciated. Is the Bonsai Gardens solution in the Developers Kit the best place to start?