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Data Source for SQL 2008 not showing up when defining external data source

Question asked by mcarey on Oct 5, 2012

I am running FileMaker Server 11 Advanced on a Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard - 64 Bit Operating System


On this server I am already using a Data Source for MySql


I am trying to add a DSS for SQL 2008


I downloaded the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Native Client 10.0 and installed it on the FileMaker Server


I have gone into the Server's DataSource (ODBC) administrator and clicked on the System DSN tab

Under this tab I have the System Data Source for my MySql connection.

I have added the SQL Server 2008 Native Client 10.0 here and configured it, pointing it to my SQL 2008 Server, entering the login and password to my view of a DB on the SQL Server. I have tested the connection it successfully connects.


When I go to a FileMaker DB which is currently hosted on the FileMaker server in question and select Manage:External Data Sources I can see the data source for my connection to MySql. I then click NEW to add the new data source that connects to my SQL 2008 Server. After clicking the 'New' button I get the 'Edit Data Source' window. I then select Type: ODBC

I then click the 'Specify' button to select my DSN. In the 'Select ODBC Data Source' window I only see the MySQL data source. The SQL 2008 data source that I defined and tested on the operating system of the FileMaker Server does not I am stuck at this point.



Perhaps I have the wrong SQL Server 2008 driver loaded on the FileMaker Server? I have had a tough time finding a better one on the Internet. Have I made a mistake in my configurations? Does anyone know where I should go from here.


Thanks for your help!