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    FileMaker Go and export to Excel


      I have a FM database that runs (standalone) on the iPad.


      It basically allows the user to select a number of products and then send that information by email in PDF format to their assistant. They have now asked that they want the option to send the information as an email attachment in excel - this works ok running on the computer in a FM 12 pro, but once on the iPad the function doesn't work!


      I thought that this might be something to do with not having excel on the iPad!


      Question.. Is there away to email the selected data in some sort of format similar to EXCEL? Text file etc...


      The assistant needs to be able to copy and paste the list barcodes from the email attached into their computer system and hence why a PDF attachment is not acceptable.


      That's for your help

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          I don't believe .xls is a supported export file type for Go.  It can export .csv, which should suffice.

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            You can export records from FM Go v12 as an Excel Workbook (.xlsx) format and choose to email it.


            Tap the menu icon (gear) at top right and then choose "Export>Type>Excel Workbook (.xlsx).  Then tap the "Email" button on the Export Setup dialog.

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              I lean toward .csv because it's a much smaller file (easier to email) and it works in all versions of Excel (OpenOffice too) on Window and Mac.  The .xlsx is only supported in newer versions and doesn't always "translate" well if you're using a converter for an older version of Excel (in my experience).

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                I'm actually using FileMaker Go 12 and yet I still couldn't get the sript to work on the ipad with excel and would prefer to use a script to make it automatic instead of JML option.


                I've updated the script (attached) and changed to .csv as you suggested, however it worked fine on the computer but when I copied it over to the iPad and linked the script to a button it wouldnt work - creates an email but no attachment.


                Any suggestion?Script.png

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                  The Save Records as Excel option is not supported in IOS, use Export Records instead.

                  And you use a .csv extention in your path, and you are exporting an Excel.


                  Use .xlsx for Excel, or export to csv and use .csv as the extention.


                  Best regards,


                  Ruben van den Boogaard

                  Infomatics Software


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                    just to add a point (or two):

                        Export Field Contents (as text field) does export UTF-8 on FMGo (instead of UTF-16 as on FMPro). For those of you creating a calculated export, it may be an option.

                         remember that the ".xslx" extension is Excel compressed format and may not work as expected for you. ".csv" on the other hand, can be opened with Excel or perhaps with an app on iOS. The file can be imported into another FileMaker file, easily emailed, etc.

                    === http://filext.com/file-extension/XLSX ===
                    The XLSX file type is primarily associated with 'Excel' by Microsoft Corporation.
                    This is the new format for Microsoft Office documents.
                    It is a combination of XML architecture and ZIP compression for size reduction.

                         so, change the extension as Ruben says, but don't use XSLX, use CSV.

                    YMMV (your mileage may vary)