URL Encoding for WPE

Discussion created by hschlossberg on Oct 5, 2012
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[FMS 12 on Windows 2008 with IIS]


Our client has a third-party app that needs to send URL strings to FMS to trigger a script that then adds data.


This is an example of what FMS needs to be sent, and it works when I send it manually via a web browser:



According to FileMaker's WPC logs, the above is what it is receiving, both from my manual attempts through the browser, as well as from the third-party app. However, it generates an error 4 (unknown command) only when it comes from the third-party app and the script never runs in that case (all runs fine on my manual attempts).


I then looked at the server's IIS log and IT shows the above for those times when I send the string manually from a web browser, but it shows an encoded string that I'm guessing WPC just doesn't know how to interpret when sent from the client's third-party app:



Since the URL is technically correct in its encoding (I think?), I can't easily ask the third-party app's developers to create a special version just for our client.


Is this expected behavior? An IIS issue? An FMS/WPE issue? Any solutions?