Running PHP app - Two Machine Deployment - Very Slow!

Discussion created by disabled_netforest on Oct 5, 2012
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We promoted a PHP FMP 11 app from our development server running on a 4g iMac to a two Machine Deployment Windows 2008 Server Environment which is running in a VM environment with 2 gigs of memory for each server. Our app had been running successfully in this environment until we added additional features that update portal records, and print pdfs. Now the saves and prints time out in the Windows environment, even though they run fine on our development server. Obivously we should configure the VM machines with more memory. We are also looking at optimizing the php code for updating and adding child table records and using streamlined layouts. We also noticed in the stats the peak Elapsed Time & Wait Tiime calls were 9384615 & 7736113 respectively. Another post on this forum talked about taking a look at network latencies. Not sure how to do this.


Are there any other considerations we need to look at to improve perfomance in the Windows environment?


Any suggestions welcomed.