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Filtered Portal Problem

Question asked by datalink on Oct 5, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2012 by taylorsharpe

We have a solution running in v12. Its a robust solution that is heavily trafficed.

Oddly, on one of the machines (running 10.6.8 and FMP 12.2) data is not appearing in a couple of filtered portals. The exact same record and layout on a different machine (running 10.6 and FMP 12.1) the portal data does appear. If we turn the portal filter off the data suddenly does display.

The offending filter reads: tic.LIN_Lines~RentalsOnly::zkf_ItemID ≠ 28286 and tic.LIN_Lines~RentalsOnly::_zkfModel ≠ "BSKT" It is filtering out a specific type of line item and product.

Is there a known glitch? Any one have any thoughts?