Regex Opportunities

Discussion created by nickchapin on Oct 6, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2012 by sporobolus

I'd like to open a discussion about using regex in FMP.


I'm aware that it can be used in quite a few ways to validate data, find/replace specific instances of data within fields and records, and it can help solve a host of textual situations that native FM cannot accomplish (or can but slowly, relative to regex). I'm currently using it to validate data, particularly validating user-definable dynamic value lists (vl name and actual value).


Which plugin or set of CFs are you using?


What regex language are you using? Perl? Java? Something else?


Have you developed a cool way to use regex in your daily workload? Maybe a new way to perform an older FM technique that's quicker or more extensible?


How are you using regex?