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    Converting the Geo Code


      Hello all,


      I am needing to use the location in a filemaker Go solution.

      I would like to convert the geo code to an address for storage inside FileMaker, does anyone know of how to do this?

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          The process of getting an arbitrary address from geo coordinates is called "reverse geocoding." Google it, and most of the links you'll find basically tell you to ask a web service to do the look-up for you. Know that geocoding can be inexact, so your results may not be 100% correct.


          I'm working on a solution right now where I have to find the address for a set of coordinates, but only from a list of known addresses. I found the coordinates for all the addresses in advance using non-reverse (forward?) geocoding (i.e., asking Google Maps where these places are). When the user needs to associate a photo with an address, they tap a location icon, which launches a script that uses the Location() function as the basis for a "geobox" find for addresses near that location; the user then selects the correct address. I don't know if that approach might be useful for your particular application, but I thought it might be for someone who finds this thread in the future.

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            Hi Peter,


            You should have a look at the Contacts Starter Solution of FileMaker Pro 12.


            You'll find 2 scripts that will do the trick :


            Find my location | Get GPS Coordinates


            Get Reverse Geocoding Work Address | iOS


            You'll also need a few Custom Functions available in the template as well.


            If you do not want to use Google, you can also have a look at http://nominatim.openstreetmap.org



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