Server 11.0v3 backups cause slowdowns, coffee cups, and lockups

Discussion created by KenShick on Oct 8, 2012
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Server Experts I have two vexing problems that are related for which I need the wisdom of your experience. I got some valuable answers from this forum on benchmark testing but I think I need to separate these problems out. Problem (1): My client runs call centers. 10 reps in a call center may be equivalent to 30 or 50 reps on other applications because the rep is entering data and flipping layouts continually throughout her shift. The problem is that during scheduled backups the reps get coffee cups and may lockup completely. The problem happens even when there are only a few reps online. So my client has discontinued hourly backups and scheduled a “single” backup at the end of the day which is not ideal if there is a system crash during the day.

Questions: Is this slowdown typical with Server 11 backups? Are there Server 11 solutions? Then, before we jump into an upgrade to Server 12 we need to know from your experience if Server 12 progressive backups will solve this problem? I don't want to promise what I can't deliver; this is a big piece of business for my client. They have to solve the prolem ASAP or they may lose the business.


Or alternatively should we look at external solutions to backups?