Running Reports on Server 11.0v3 freezes up all other users

Discussion created by KenShick on Oct 8, 2012
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Server Experts. Vexing Problem (2): Background: “My client runs call centers. 10 reps in a call center may be equivalent to 30 or 50 reps on other applications because the rep is entering data and flipping layouts continually throughout her shift.” My client cannot run reports while reps are working. “These large reports caused not only coffee cups but the whole application to freeze for the duration of running the report. This was primarily with the Fixed Reports which can take up to 45 minutes to run and export to excel. Reps would get blank screens, their systems would lock and/or the coffee cup during the full process.”


Question 1: This client runs very few FileMaker reports with sub-summary and grand summary data. Instead the application gathers data from every data record and sets it in a report table where it is crunched and exported to excel. This takes a long time. What is your experience in running long reports; do they slow down the other users? Will an upgrade to Server 12 solve this problem?

Question 2: If we find an answer to the backup problem (1) then we could pull a backup copy to run reports. My client has found that these reports run much faster on FileMaker Pro 11 than on Server 11. Is this your experience?

Are there other work-around solutions that you know about and have tried?