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    FM GO 12 on iOs6 -> can't reach Mac OS X 10.8 Host


      I've update my Mac to 10.8.2 and, in the meantime, iPad to iOs6.

      I've got the latest releases both of FMP12 and FMGO12.


      From Filemaker Go 12 I can't see network hosts (that is my Mac).

      I've tried disabling Mac firewall but nothing changed.


      BTW, from the iPad I can't reach the Mac neither with Safari (trying to open the Mac with its IP address). This seems to be a network problem rather than a FM issue.


      Anyone experiencing a similar issue?


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          Just double-checked here, not having that problem at all. I have seen something similar before when one was on the guest network and the other was on the "live" network. Since nothing seems to be working, are you sure both are on the same network?




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            Hi Powell


            When I first upgraded my iPad to IOS 6, it began misbehaving when trying to log onto Wi-Fi networks. 


            It took me a few minutes to find the cause - In the Wi-Fi Settings, the "Ask to Join Networks" switch had been set to Off (by the IOS upgrade).  When set this way, any Wi-Fi network that I tried to log into was dropped soon after I closed the Settings App and the iPad was reverting to using Mobile Data (which places it outside your local network).


            Once I had changed this setting to On, all these issues disappeared and I have been able to log into many different FM12 databases from my iPad, from many different hosts without any problem.


            So please check the setting of your "Ask to Join Networks" switch and see if this makes any difference.


            Best wishes - Alan Stirling - London UK

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              Hi TT and Alan,

              thank you both for the suggestions.


              Both the mac and the iPad are on the same network and regularly connected.

              I've done another test: I've setup FM PRO on another Mac in the network, running OS X 10.7, and everything works perfectly.


              So, my problems are with my first Mac (the one with 10.8 on). That Mac I cant' see neither with a network scanner (I'm using Fing on the iPad). So I need to look for network solutions rather than Filemaker related topics.


              Will update you when I'll have found a solution.