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Runtime Solution - Different Behaviors in MAC/PC

Question asked by bennieboop on Oct 8, 2012

I was hoping that there would be a simple solution to my question. We have a FM11 cross-platform runtime solution. There is a primary file and a little over 4,000 secondary files. In order to make the cross-platform runtime, we have bound the files on PC and bouond them on MAC. The solution is cross-platform; however, it behaves differently in the two environments. On PC, the end user clicks a link to whatever file they need, and the file opens up. The application, which we shall call Happy.exe, opens the primary file and immediately the selected end users file appears. On the MAC, the end user clicks the link, and opens the primary file only. The end user then has to go back and click the link again for the selected file to open.


Is there anyway to get MAC to immediately open the selected file like it does on the PC?