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How to add a join table to an existing file

Question asked by pgrehan on Oct 8, 2012
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I am new to Filemaker and having been learning by doing. The only problem with this approach is that I sometimes recognize my mistakes long after I have made them. I recently realized that I wanted a join table between tables that were previously not directly related.


The file currently has three tables relevant to my question: "Session" and "Payment" tables are each directly related to a "Client" table. I previously thought that I had no need to relate sessions and payments. I was wrong. (this is where I dope slap myself)


To fix this, I want to create a join table between "Session" and "Payment", but I am concerend about the impact of doing so on the existing data (and relationships, scripts, etc) in my file.


I assume I need to:


1. Create a join table between sessions and payments.


Do I simply delete the old relationship between Clients and Payments or create a new table occurance for Payments?


2. Delete existing "payment" records and re-enter this data (assuming this will populate the join table)


3. Update all scripts, portals, etc. to work with the new relationship.


This "sounds" straightforward.


Did I miss any steps? Any problems I need to avoid? Any hints or tips in working with join tables?


I appreciate any guidance