Deploying Database with FileMaker GO

Discussion created by fijiDeveloper on Oct 8, 2012
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I am developing a database for trade users (which are not very computer illetrate) the development is conducted under FileMaker Advance Pro 12 and is made to be very simple as it can be, so that users can use it with no training required.


My problem is that the expected/target users will be using it with iPad (FileMaker GO 12). I am desparate to find a way to distribute the developed database with FileMaker GO 12 with just one click.


I know I can lead them to iTune for downloading of FileMaker GO apps but it do come with sample database which will confuse my targeted users. So if I can provide a package which include my database and FileMaker GO so that they can just click and the program will execute to create a folder on the computer which they can copy to their iPad using iTune.


Please help direct me....!!!