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Recent FM11-12 conversion, now having frequent client lockups

Question asked by DaleLong on Oct 8, 2012

I have recently converted our solution from 11 to 12, and for the most part everything works well. I, however, have been experiencing frequent lockups of the client. It seems to be happening whenever a scripted process is executing, as I run the most scripted processed on our solution, and I haven't heard anybody else complaining about this problem. I'm having it happen multiple times per day, almost always when trying to execute a script it seems. I have no problems reconnecting to FMServer afterward, but the lockups are pretty annoying, what with losing found sets and things like this.


I'm not sure what to begin looking for, as I haven't been able to think of a common thread among the scripts being executed, other than they are being executed. I was curious if there were any such issues known to the community, or any advice on how to troubleshoot the problem.


I have also recently upgraded my client computer to Mountain Lion, which has been giving me intermittent problems with my email clients. I also wonder if this might be related to the FileMaker problem as well...


FM12 Server Advanced on Windows 2008 VM

Client = FM12.0v2 and FM12.0v2 Advanced on OS X 10.8.2