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    Filemaker Pro 11 New User Question


      Our company has just upgraded from Filemaker Pro 4 to Filemaker Pro 11 and in the list that I was able to create in FMP 4 I was able to add blank spaces in areas when I printed it out. I cannot figure out how to do this with FMP 11. Can anyone please help me?

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          Hello, cdavis.


          I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "add blank spaces in areas when printed out". I'm not aware offhand of any features in printing space that were deprecated between 4 and 11. How were you accomplishing it in FMP 4?



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            Hi cdavis,


            I agree with Mike... Anything you converted from 4 to 11 is 99% likely to behave the same....


            There could, however, be something you flushed in the conversion that was data or a link to something on the hard disk or who knows....


            Any chance of some screen shots or a clone of the database? We are a bit blind here... ;-)


            - Lyndsay

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              We would like to have a blank line mixed in various places through out the listing.  With FMP4 we would just create a new record and leave it blank and the blank line would be there.  With FMP11, once we create the new record, if we do not but something within that record then it will just go away and not leave the blank spot.  I am going to try to attach a screenshot to this for reference as to what we want.  This shows the blank spot we need between 10 and 11.  How do I attached the database for you to see? Screen shot 2012-10-10 at 8.19.43 AM.png

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                Given that screen shot, the only thing I can think of off the top of my head would be sliding, but even that doesn't seem to fit because of the vertical lines. Something's rotten in Denmark.   


                You can attach the database using the advanced editor (click "Use advanced editor" in the upper right-hand corner).



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                  I have attached the file.  Thank you for your help

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                    You're suffering from the sorting behavior in version 11. Your sort order is based on the "Lot #" column.




                    Whenever you try to enter a blank row, FileMaker automatically re-sorts the records according to the current sort order. So what's happening is your blank rows, having Lot # values of "null", automatically sort to the top.


                    The bad news is, you can't turn this behavior off in version 11. (You can in version 12.) You'll have to work around it. Here's one method:


                    1) In Layout Mode, set Conditional Formatting on the Lot # field to turn the text the same color as the background (white).

                    2) For the condition, set a calculation like this:


                         Int ( Self ) <> Self


                    3) This will cause FileMaker to turn the Lot # white if it has a non-integer value.


                    Now, in order to insert a blank row, put a lot # value in between your rows, such as 11.5. The results will look like this:




                    I've attached the modified database for reference. HTH!



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                      I downloaded the file, and I see the problem, sorting by Lot #. There's been a change in the sort behavior.


                      In FileMaker 11, if you sort your records, new records are placed in the sort order after you commit them. Blank records go to the top of the list, in your case.


                      In prior versions (I don't remember how far back), records stayed in the order created until you re-sorted the found set.


                      In FileMaker 12, there's a checkbox in the Sort dialog that  states "Keep Records in Sorted Order". If you clear the check box, sorting behaves as it did in prior versions.


                      If you need to stick with FileMaker 11, you could add another field that you sort by first. That would allow you to see the blanks in the spot you want them.


                      This feels kind of kludgy, so if anyone has a better strategy, I'm all ears.


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                        Thank you so very much.  I will work through this and get it correct.  You have been so very helpful and you don't know just how much I am thankful for all the help

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                          Thank you to all that helped and offered their help.  It is great appreciated.