Microsoft's Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS)

Discussion created by DanielShanahan on Oct 9, 2012
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I'm working with a local IT firm who has set up a client's server. I installed FileMaker Server on the C drive and I've mentioned several times that this directory: Program FilesFileMakerFileMaker ServerDataDatabases needs to be outside of any backup routine.


The backup routine is Microsoft's Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS). I'm not familiar with it and in fact, setting up servers is not my strong suite (which is an understatement).


The IT firm has described the process in this way:


The imaging software produces two separate types of “backup.”

1) There is a real-time system imaging/recovery, which creates a weekly live system base-image, with daily incremental image updates. These image files are of the entire system, in its current running state (at the time of the image), and are designed so that the entire server can be restored from a Bare-Metal recovery, or individual drive partitions can be recovered in the event of a system failure.

2) There is also the conventional Archival Backup, used to recover individual files/folders from accidental deletion or unwanted modifications. For this backup configuration, I will have the VSS Shadow Copy feature (for SQL database backup) disabled. I will also exclude the live database directory from the job; but I will create a local folder on the root of the primary data drive (which I think is the C: drive on this server, but I will let you know if that is incorrect), which will be called “FilemakerDB.” This folder will be included in the conventional archival backup schema, so please set your SQL maintenance schema to store a copy of any flat-file backup and/or log files copies, in that directory.



I'm still a bit worried that the live databases will be copied (or "imaged"). Is this just ignorance on my part (which I readily acknowledge)? Or, should I be concerned?