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Delete field in Server taking days?

Question asked by farokh on Oct 10, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2012 by BenHutson

I have a database with ~400,000 records. Each record contains a small number of text/numeric/date fields and two container fields. One is an older style self contained container (the image is stored in the database) and the other field is the new reference model (the image is stored in an external file). I told FM to delete the old style container field last Monday in the morning, and it's still running at this time (we're talking almost 48 hours). The FM that client I used to delete the field simply has a dialog box that says "Records remaining to update" with a horizontal barber pole. No number, nothing.


Any way to tell how much longer this is going to run? It's really causing a problem because we are unable to make any changes to the database. We can view records, but no changes can be made. We get a dialog that "? is making changes to the record" (yes that's a ?).