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    Best Accuracy for Location Setting?


      Hello again!


      Has anyone experimented with the settings on FMgo for Location?


      I'd like to know the best distance/timeout setting ?

      I'm choosing 50 mtr accuracy but still getting wrong addresses, but I'm concerned that if I reduce this setting, I may need to increase the timeout??


      Any suggestions are most welcomed.

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          Better accuracy requires more time, more time doesn't guarantee better accuracy, and there's no getting around it. In my experience, though, the 95% confidence radius ("accuracy") leans towards being pessimistically large. How are you resolving coordinates to addresses? Geocoding and reverse geocoding as implemented by common web services can be very inexact. There's a lot of interpolation that may not exactly match the geography of actual properties. Can you describe more details of the application you're building? Some approaches I can think of may or may not apply to exactly what you're trying to do. When I have a database of possible addresses a location could be, I use the coordinates to show the user a shortlist of possibilities, and the user always has to pick the actual address.


          If you're reverse geocoding with a web service, you might try sending several queries with coordinates randomly "jittered" within your confidence radius to get a list of possible addresses for the user to choose from. If none of those is exactly right, you might let the user pick the closest match to modify for use. I haven't tried this, though; it's just an idea.