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    DevCon Video Recordings


      So I am almost always quick to defend FMI and the FM product...but I would like to query the reason behind the pricing on the DevCon video recordings.


      • How many sessions did DevCon have all together? The recorded series only has 36, correct?
      • Why is the recorded videos $1,595.00? Since you can purchase an early bird for less. ( note I am not ok with $1,200 for the videos either )
      • Can you post the stats showing how many people actually pay that price for the videos?
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          I too wondered the reason behind the pricing. When it was originally mentioned that the videos would be release for purchase, in my mind i was expecting a few hundred dollars. I was kind of shocked to find that they were asking the same cost of attending DevCon.

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            Have to say I agree.  I know they want folks to attend DevCon, but this pricing seems excessive.  I too was personally interested at purchasing these since my company will not pay for me to go to DevCon, but at that pricing I cannot justify spending that much.

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              I can see your point, and part of me wants to agree, but please allow me to share some additional perspective.


              I paid and attended, and enjoyed DevCon 2012. I met some nice people and I learned allot of new tricks and tips. The lions share of what I learned is also on the video recordings disks (which I received yesterday). From what I have viewed thus far, it is like I am there, but can't see the presenter. You can see the entire presentation, including when they swap screens and you can hear the discussion. And by the way if you miss something while viewing the video you can go back and view it again.


              I would be fairly aggravated if I could now buy these disks for a few hundred bucks. I would also be planning to skip the next DevCon and wait for the disks to come out next year.


              I hope this helps!


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                I would agree if all of the sessions are on the dvd's.  Including the opening keynote and the under the hood sessions...are they?


                I agree that they should cost more than $200...but $1595 is pure crazy. I can't say I didn't expect it, just disappointed that I was right.

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                  They want you to go to the conference instead of watching videos at home :-)




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                    As far as I can tell all the regular sessions are there.  No Under the Hood. No Keynote.


                    I have viewed only a few. I would note that the first one I watched had some sound anomalies, nothing serious but anomalies just the same.

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                      There were roughly 80 sessions available at DevCon, the DVD set includes only 36.

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                        There were allot of repeat sessions

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                          Hello Joshua (and anyone else who's questioning the price of the 36 DevCon Videos),


                          Let me share some background information that possibly encouraged FMI to make videos available for the first time ever.


                          Prior to 2011 DevCon, the company line was always a fear that making videos avilable would inevitably result in a drop in DevCon attendance that might impair its long-term viability. During DevCon 2011 there was a ground swell of opinion amongst attendees that this was less of a problem than the inability of attendees to attend concurrent sessions -- this was especially so with the introduction of an FM Go track. At the same time, the number of sessions per day was reduced making the choice of which one to attend even harder.


                          Several of us wrote to Dominique imploring that videos be produced to overcome that problem, provide a better ROI on the cost of attending for those of us who had travelled from distant lands, and hopefully be a way for letting ordinary folk learn the wisdom of FMP that is imparted from their best presenters. Dominique acknowledged the issues and asked his staff to see what they could for 2012.


                          Attendees, me included, knew nothing of their decision to make videos until they attended the keynote this year.


                          Thus what we have is a great concession for the folk who attended DevCon and a trial of the material being made available publicly for the first time ever. Let's see what the overall response is like before passing judgement. I'm sure that the uptake will be evaluated for possible adjustments in the price going forward but it had to be set at the current level when that uptake and it's impact on DevCon attendance next year are largely unknown.



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                            Except even IF you attend the conference, you cannot possibly attend ALL the sessions on the CD. The cost of the conference is the usage of the conference rooms, the cost of the meals, the discount on the room, the cost of the staff to attend, the materials given away. I suppose IF I paid the equivalent of  the cost of conference just to get a CD, I'd feel cheated.


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                              Agreed.  I can testify it cost me far more than $1595 to attend Devcon 2012.  The main reason I do not go every year is the cost.  If I could attend for a mere $1595, I would jump on it.


                              Actual cost of attendance for me is more like $4000.  Conference fees, hotel, airfare, and a significant number of billable hours for a self-employed person.  If I could buy the CDs for $1595 on years I cannot attend, I might actually be able to afford a real vacation every few years.


                              I wish the recordings were less expensive.  Even the "early bird" price would be nice.  But it's better than missing Devcon completely, as I have to do too often.


                              Still - it is annoying that ALL sessions aren't included.  Especially the Keynote and closing - if we have a nondisclosure on site, seems like we could easily be covered on the recordings as well.  Or do a special Webinar for that purpose.  The Keynote alone is worth the price of admission to me.



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                                All fair and reasonable reasons, I suppose.  I know the purpose of the price is to avoid affecting DevCon attendance.


                                As far as I'm concerned, at $1595...there should be a NDA and the confidential sessions included.  It's great that they were recorded, and given to the attendees. FMI got that spot on...minus a few key sessions.


                                Releasing to the public, well that is tricky...for the already mentioned reasons.  I raised the question, not because I didn't know the outcome...but because the idea should have been more thoroughly thought out.  People will complain no matter what FMI did. But I have seen other technology conferences provide a better end experience, with less resources, and way less cost to the attendees/consumers...with no ill-effect on the conference attendance.


                                You really want to protect the conference numbers...lower the entrance fee?!

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                                  Actually, I'm don't think there was a single repeat session.


                                  The 3 larger ballrooms (and not the big big ones) were wired for recording. There's a couple missing from those rooms, maybe technical or legal issues?


                                  That is all the FMGO sessions, most of the Core, a couple General and a couple Integration sessions.


                                  50% or so of the sessions are covered, maybe more, depending on how you define a session (does a "round table" count?).



                                  As an attendee, I'm really glad FMI released these. It makes the conference all the better. If I hadn't attended, I probably wouldn't have bought them, but the pricing does make sense to me.

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                                    on 2012-10-10 16:12 Joshua Ormond wrote

                                    But I have seen other technology conferences provide a better end experience, with less resources, and way less cost to the attendees/consumers...with no ill-effect on the conference attendance.


                                    case in point DrupalCon; i have attended four … the most expensive was $400;

                                    fantastic conferences at top venues, and they have been taping and giving away

                                    session videos for years, all driven by the attitude that giving back to a

                                    community of developers is self-reinforcing and benefits everyone


                                    presenters are mostly unpaid, but it is done with a professional staff and is

                                    comparatively an incredible value for the money; i think there are certain

                                    efficiencies that other tech conference presenters could learn from (unless the

                                    difference in cost is mainly profit)


                                    the Drupal community is probably a lot bigger than FileMaker's, and is rather

                                    different in some ways, but the conferences are both mostly about professionals

                                    getting the most from a development platform

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