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The Way Radio Buttons Sit in Fields

Question asked by kareem on Oct 10, 2012
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Hello everyone,


I'm a newbie tech writer working for a database developer in Edmonton. Hoping someone can help me out with a UI aestheics question. Radio Buttons, regardless of whichever alignments I use in the Inspector, always sit at the top left of their field (this also happens with check boxes). As far as I can tell, changing the Line Spacing and Indents also has no affect on their position. So far my solution for centering the Radio Buttons has been to make their field transparant and slap a rectangle behind them. This is 1) time consuming. 2) inelegant. On the iPad, selecting a Radio Button highlights the field they're in, thus revealing that I have a rectangle sitting under.


I've attached a picture of what I mean by not nentered. Is there a simple solution to this I am missing? Thanks!