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    FM11 to FM12 Conversion Problem MAJOR


      After converting a large 45 file solution I noticed that many of the External Data Sources were missing so I corrected them in each file using Manage External Data Sources.

      I then noticed that with my files open, many of them had truncated Window Tittles.

      My naming Standard is S.A. Attendance ect, now many have been truncated to just S.A

      The HUGE problem is that many of the Relationships are broken. When I open some files they bring up the password dialog to open related files that are already open. If I enter the password and hit OK it says the file is in use (because it is already open) If I cancel the open box and look at the relationships the Table Occurrence for that file is there but it is grayed out and say's file missing.

      To make this even weirder, I can go to another user workstation and look at the same Table Occurrence in the same file on the network and it is perfectly fine. What the heck is going on?

      So far the only thing that fixes it is to completely delete the External Data Reference and Table Occurrence and then recreate them. That is virtually impossible in a solution as large as mine as each one is referenced in hundreds of scripts so they would need to be repaired. I have 2 or 3 broken relationships in each of the 45 files so this is a daunting problem.

      FYI, I read in the conversion manual that file names should no longer contain periods so I removed them and reconverted but it made no difference.

      Any help would be hugely appreciated as I can find nothing in google..

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          I had not realized the issue about periods and see that would be annoying.  What I would do is go back to the oringal FM11 files, rename them and update their external data source names and then do the conversion again.  But then again, why in the world does one system need 75 files?  It sure sounds like a pre-version 7 file situation.  For security and other reasons, I would be looking to combine these into as few of files as possible.  I sure hope you handle security with Active Directory.  If not, each user that needs a password reset would need it done on 75 different files... oh my!!!!   Combing multiple files into a single file solves that type of problem.  But back to your situation, if you've made the conversion and gone live, then you probably have to move forward with modifying the current External Data Sources.  You should be able to just update the External Data Source for each file.  If you have to delete and recreate them, then it will be a real pain because all of your table occurrences referencing that external data will be invalid, which will also mess up scripts and layouts. 

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            Hi Taylor,


            Yes, this solution was started back in Filemaker 3 !  I have been consolidating it with the eventual goal of having just a UI and a Data file.  Of the 45 files I'm almost ready to ditch 15 of them now..


            I did try renaming the files and reconverting but that gave me the same result.


            The weirdest thing to me is that the realationships are OK in some client sessions but not others.


            And that the Window Titles don't reflect the File Name, but only on some of the files?

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              I ran into the exact same problem last Friday, Oct 5th.  I have tried just about everything to solve the problem and have yet to find a solution except to re-create the databases in .fmp12 as you suggested. 


              At first, I deleted all the realationships, re-added them and it still didn't work.  i was confused at first because I had another file communciating just fine, so I compared all the relationships and external data sources and everything looked the same.  The only difference was that the file not working was an old .fp7 converted and the file working was built entirely in .fmp12.


              So to test my theory I first linked another database made in .fmp12 and had no problems.  Then I linked another different database built in .fp7 and I ran into the same problem.  THEN just to be 100% sure I recreated the first database that was an .fp7 in .fmp12.  I had no problems and everything worked perfect.  The only solution I can find at this point is to Re-create databases in .fmp12 which I am not happy to do either (as it will be 4 files, totaling 1000s of fields and at least 150+ layouts....)


              I have been in contact with one of Filemaker's Senior Systems Engineers and I am waiting back for a response.  If we find a solution I will keep you posted.



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                When converting a pre FM 7 file to FM 11 or 12 it is very advisable to run the files through MetadataMagic's File Reference Fixer to fix the file references before converting the files.


                This will save you a whole lot of missing and deleted filerefences after the conversion.


                Hope that helps,


                Best regards,


                Ruben van den Boogaard

                Infomatics Software


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                  Thanks Ruben, I will give that a shot and see what happens, I'll post the results

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                    I would suggest removing periods and spaces from table names.  You may want to get in touch with FMI support and see if you can supply them with a copy of your DB to test. 

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                      After converting a large 45 file solution I noticed that many of the External Data Sources were missing so I corrected them in each file using Manage External Data Sources.


                      Why not use the developer utilities in FMPro Advanced to rename all the files?