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FM 12 theme corruption?

Question asked by NancyBotkin on Oct 11, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2012 by steve_ssh


I believe I may have a database with corrupt themes...anyone else have this problem?


I just inherited an FM12 database, converted from FM11 by the client, built probably in 8 or 9.


Everything is fine... until I work in the layouts. In layout mode, all layouts have a dark gray background and the fine lines designating the border between parts such as "Header" and "Body" is not visible. When I create a new layout with one of the new themes, the field and fonts will be formatted according to the theme, but the background will appear dark gray until I go to the browse mode. Browse mode shows the lovely new them perfectly. But not being able to see the borders and colors in layout is quite annoying!


I've run the recover and it comes up with no problems. I tested on the recovered file, and a clone of the recovered file. I duplicated layouts, I created brand new layouts. Always the same problem.


Any ideas?




-Nancy Botkin

San Francisco