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I hope someone here can help me with my query…


I have a set of data that gets imported and regularly updated via Excel import. The original data has multiple lines of which I am looking to summarise and then add more data to.


Essentially there are fields that will be in these data that are repeated through each row in excel, however I want Filemaker to summarise the data.


Two of the fields that are repeated are barcode, install co, and the unique data in each rows would be panel (though sometimes this is blank). There is also a quantity field which is generally 1, but sometimes can be higher than 1.




I don’t want to see panel ID in this view in Filemaker, what I want to be able to see is one record that shows barcode, install company, and a sum of the quantity for the combination of this barcode and install company. (Note – barcode may appear ten times, for example, 3 times for 1 install company, 3 times for another and 4 times for a third). Essentially what a pivot table would do in Excel. I also then want to add additional fields that will be manual entry data or linked data that I can add to the summary data. Below is an example of what I want Filemaker to be able to do with the Excel data pasted in above.



I've been struggling with how to work this out. I'm pretty sure I need to create a second table that summarises that data and then allows me to add new data to these summaries, but I can't really figure it out.


Apologies if this is confusing, happy to clarify anything...any suggestions would be much appreciated!




Filemaker Pro 12