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    Confirm address with Google




      I would like to get full address information from Google to complet my data without having to enter it.


      I.e. Enterring "555 rue de l'Aréna" in a google maps will show me complete address "555 rue de l'Aréna, Saint-Nicolas, Quebec, Canada, G7A 1E5".

      Then if I could parse this info to fill out city, state, country and zip code in my FMP12 DBase (Mac/Windows/iOS).


      Strangly, looking into source HTML of Goole maps result, I do not see any of my address text!


      Thank you.

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          Look in the examples that come with FMP12:  Contacts file

          Although not visible on the layouts, in the scripts you will find an option to do a reverse geocoding using CustomFunctions that are also in that demo file.

          So, even a limited address may give you geocodes, then use the geocodes to get back the full address.

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            I'd also suggest that you look at the documentation for the Google Maps geocoding API. I found while implementing geocoding for a solution that when you pass Google an address to ask for the coordinates, Google's response (in JSON or XML, whichever you're more comfortable with) includes the original address split out into separate fields and with normalized formatting like standardized street name abbreviations, and often including fields that may not have been in the original request, like the postal code. So, if you have a partial address and you want a more complete/corrected/standardized address, you only need to make the first Google Maps API call.