FM12 conversion Crashing when creating PDFs.  12.04 upgrade may have solved this issue

Discussion created by martinc on Oct 14, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2013 by martinc

We have a solid FM11 set of files that generate loads of PDF reports for our staff and customers. This is done via robots. FM12 CRASHES when creating any significantly sized PDF.

We have been a long time customer of FM and I feel ripped off. A key piece of a DB is being a Management Information System. We will need to roll back to FM11 and sort out any work done in FM12.


This is evidence of a company placing revenue before quality. This product was clearly not ready for release. I've been to the FM office and seen the number of seats there. Clearly there were people there that were telling marketing to hold off of releasing this product.


In retrospect, it's not surprising. Apple owns FM and did the same thing with the iOs map application.


Note: File hosted on server 08 with fmsa12. Users on Citrix based win xp machines.