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    control background of row in portal


      If you select a row in a portal via script ( or clicking outside a field ) FileMaker makes the complete row grey like showed in the picture.


      Is there a way to control this color - I would very much like to remove it !


      I am using FM 12 on Mac



      Thanks in advance!

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          Thanks for the input.


          I have a solution where the users are selection from a portal with up and down arrows. In the portal I have grouped some fields, and with conditional formatting you can see which row you are selecting.

          But the grey background irritated my eye.


          Today I found this workaround.

          Made a small button, and named it. Then put it behind the grouped fields.

          In my script where I used go to next (previous) portal row - I added a go to object ( the small button )

          This takes away the focus on the row and removes the grey background, and I only see my conditional formattet fields in the row.



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            If you are using 12 then the following article (bottom of the article) is what you're looking for: