Novice Question: Related Records in Portal

Discussion created by slraymond on Oct 14, 2012
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I have one table, let's call it "sales," and another that we'll call "employees."


I use the sales table as the basis of a dashboard layout which branches into other layouts and reports by using big, iPad-friendly buttons. You can advance through the records, but the appearance of the dashboard does not change.


There is a field in all my tables, called "constant," which auto-completes the calculated result of 1. I use this to join tables when it is not important to match specific keys.


My idea was to place a portal in the dashboard which contains a list of employees, filtered by some criteria. The problem I am having: Even when I create a relationship between "sales" and "employees" only using the constant, my portal only shows the employee linked to whatever record is currently visible.


I hope this makes sense. Basically, I want a record-independent portal.