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    FMPro Migrator


      I was looking at FMPro Migrator for an upcoming conversion of an Access database to FileMaker Pro. It sounds pretty slick and claims to rebuild tables, relationships, and layouts. The platinum edition is $600 and I don't mind paying it if it works well. Have any of you used it to migrate data from Access to FileMaker and how well did it work for you? Thanks.

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          Not exactly what you're asking, Taylor, but I've used FMPro Migrator twice to convert a multi-database FileMaker solution to a single database multi-table FileMaker solution. The first time it worked very well on a medium size solution (maybe 20-30 databases doing order entry and inventory management). The second time was a large, complex solution (maybe 60-70 databases doing order entry, inventory, scheduling, accounting, communications, image management, job costing, and more). It did not fare as well on the complex solution, with multiple things not converting properly.


          I will say, though, that the author of FMPro Migrator was HIGHLY responsive to support questions.


          Gordon Shewach

          Desktop Services

          Ann Arbor, MI

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            Thanks for the input, Gordon.  That sounds good and I always like feedback about how a company supports their product. 


            Maybe someone else will pipe up about trying Migrator when converting Access to FileMaker.